Surveyors Seek Land Ownership

If you are planning to buy land, it is important to know the history of ownership. This will affect who has certain rights and responsibilities for the property. The process of determining this is called a setout survey, . There are two types of setout surveys: one that determines the boundaries and one that does not. A boundary setout survey can be used for many reasons, such as dividing up properties or resolving disputes about where a boundary line actually lies. It can which can be provided to you by Surveyor Wollongong. It can also be requested in order to identify land which may have been sold but forgotten about on title documents after an amalgamation or subdivision took place decades ago when records were not as well-kept as they are now!

Surveyor Wollongong

A setout survey is a process that determines the boundaries of land. There are two types: one for determining whether or not there has been any changes to property lines and another for identifying them.

If you’re planning on buying property and want to divide it up into two pieces of land, then a boundary setout is necessary in order to identify where the true property line lies. If there are any disputes about which portion of your land someone else owns, then they’ll require one too! However, if you simply want to find out why an area hasn’t been developed but can be seen from aerial photos or satellite images that might have been taken decades ago, then this type isn’t needed at all.

You could own part of their land without even realizing because it was simply forgotten about what happened decades ago when records were more difficult to keep track of than they are now due to technology limitations back then. If this is happening near your home, then make sure that you don’t build anything like a fence where the boundary line actually lies before getting professional help to resolve the issue.