Do They Want The Whole Truth?

If you have ever had to meet with a lawyer, you have probably wondered if you should tell them every detail about your case, or keep something to yourself. There is no universal answer to this question, but here is a little guide on how you should approach it.

For starters, if you have ever wondered Is It A Good Idea? to do it, you have to know that your privacy will be protected because they are under obligation to respect the attorney-client privilege. This stops them from going around and telling someone about your case. They will not directly be involved in any questioning process, so anything they know can’t affect the course of the case. However, they, of course, want you to tell the truth.

Is It a Good Idea

It will be easier for them to defend you that way, and finish your case. Plus, they are prohibited to give any false evidence, so you would be doing them a favor as well. When they ask you what happened, they want your experience and your side of the story, so they can easily form a timeline, and make an argument for your case. If, during this process you ask Is It A Good Idea? to share something, your attorney will definitely tell you, so trust them and the process.

If you want an attorney to represent you the right way, you should tell the truth from your perspective. This is why, it is important to have someone you can trust, and who can build a strong case. So, follow these tips, and listen to your lawyer, and you should be fine.