What I Should Do When My Lock is Broken

How to Fix a Broken Lock

If your lock is broken, you might be wondering what the best course of action is. Steps that should be taken depend on the severity and type of breakage.

Contact a recommended locksmith to assess the severity of the damage and replace any necessary parts.

Have someone come in with an emergency key (if available) or drill out the lock if you don’t have spare keys. Drill size depends on your door type, consult your local hardware store for the most suitable drill size.

Recommended Locksmith

Replace the lock completely if there is no way to fix it. You can buy a new lock yourself or a locksmith can install one for you. You should also consider buying a better lock than the previous one. That way , you’ll be less likely to have another case of broken lock any time soon..

If you don’t have a recommended locksmith, try searching on internet or among your friends for one. They can recommend you a good locksmith who can fix your issue.

If the lock is just jammed, remove the obstruction and use a lubricant to get it unstuck or clean out any debris in the keyhole with a paper towel or cotton ball dipped in alcohol.

You should also check for signs of forced entry like scratches on doors and windowsills. If you suspect that someone tried to break in, call the police immediately and go somewhere safe until they arrive. You can also choose to purchase a security system that will alert the police and emergency services, but make sure you research it thoroughly before you buy.

If your key breaks inside the lock, try pushing it out with a safety pin or needle. If the key is too deep inside to reach, use your cell phone flashlight and look for it with a set of tweezers.

You might be able to rekey the lock yourself by using simple tools like screwdriver, lubricant and wrench if you have the right skillset! You can also call an experienced recommended locksmith who will come over and fix everything for you in just one visit without damaging any part of your property.