Antique Barometers for Exceptional Weather

Antique Barometers

The old and dusty barometer in your attic may not be the best weather predictor for tomorrow. The one that has been sitting there for decades, collecting dust, is probably outdated. If you would like to have a more accurate prediction of what the weather will be like tomorrow then you need an antique barometer! These are especially great if you live in a place with changing seasons because they help predict when it will rain or snow.

If you would like to purchase one, there are many antique shops and collectors around town where you can buy exceptional antique barometers. They can be very expensive but the most popular ones sell for about fifty pounds with a bit of bargaining. The old rusty barometer that was used in your grandparents’ living room is worth less than five pounds so if it’s just sitting in your attic then don’t bother bringing it down! You might as well give it away or throw it out because this type of weather tracker will never work again.

Antique Barometers

A little known fact about antique barometers: they were originally invented by Evangelista Torricelli back in 1643 when he created an experiment called Torricellian Experiment which proved that air had weight too. It also showed how changes in air pressure can affect the weather and other atmospheric conditions.

The barometer is an instrument used to measure air pressure and predict changes in the weather by measuring the height of a column of mercury or other fluid in a manometer, which varies with atmospheric pressure. The word barometer is derived from Greek βάρος (“weight”) + μέτρον (“measure”). This device can be very expensive but the most popular ones sell for about fifty pounds with bargaining power available. Due to this increase demand, many people are looking for old rusty ones that were used in your grandparents’ living rooms.