15 Commonly Used Types of Plastic Molds

Types of Plastic Molds

Plastic molds are an essential part of the injection molding process, and there are many different types. From snap fit to deep draw, these 15 common types will help your business manufacture a wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for the best way to produce plastic toy soldiers or just need a simple storage container, plastic molds are essential! Aberdeen tech insert molding offers you a wide array of colors and finishes to choose from.

Snap Fit Mold: Snap fit plastic molds are injection molding tools that allow for quick, easy assembly. These plastics make it simple to produce a variety of small parts like toy soldiers.

Deep Draw Mold: Deep draw molds have movable walls which move in and out when the product is being injected with molten plastic. This tool makes it possible to create large quantities of products such as storage containers or skateboards!

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The snap fit type was used most often by those who were manufacturing toys at home because they allowed people to assemble their items quickly without any special skills needed (often using common household items). Plastic mold makers would use this type of mold if they wanted to get something manufactured fast and then sell them.

Some other types of plastics used in molds are:

Injection Molding: In this type of mold, molten plastic is injected into a cavity. The material is then left to cool and solidify before being ejected from the mold. This process can be repeated many times until all the desired amount has been manufactured for sale.

Blow Molding: This process is used for manufacturing products such as bottles, jugs, jars etc in

The most common types of plastic that are molded are referred to as thermoplastics because they melt at high temperatures and return back to their original shape once cooled down (unlike thermosets which go through chemical reactions). Most commonly, these thermoplastics include ABS Polycarbonate Acrylics or PC/ABS blends PVC EPDM Silicone Rubber Styrene T.