That we are on the verge of an election is nothing new. And taking advantage of the fact that in Cartel-Arte, we have been involved in the integral creation of part of the campaign of the PSOE of Castilla La Mancha, we want to review successful political campaigns that either by their design, their message, or even by the means used, meant a revolution in their day. We have done our bit to create a successful political campaign. We have played with design, illustration, and humor to connect with younger audiences. And the result you must judge, of course, but what has been achieved is that a lot of media echo the campaign.

As you can imagine, returning to our list of successful political campaigns, the Americans can not miss. They, so pioneers and advanced in the world of advertising, are the ones who have made the most iconic campaigns (good and Martian too) throughout history.

Come on, we begin with a review of some examples of successful political campaigns that have caught our attention the most:

  1. Catchy music, illustration, and photography: John F. Kennedy’s 1960 campaign:

Phrases with short messages, iconic images, integration of the target audience to which the campaign is directed in the video, that Kennedy even in the soup that so much liked and sympathized with the Americans … And above all a melody that surely the Americans were humming for several days.

  1. Of the first to use fear in the campaign to win votes:

In the middle of the Vietnam War, Nixon’s team worked on a campaign in which they painted the Democrats as weak who would not know how to defend the nation. A very simple idea: childish army dolls and a hand that cuts give way to the savior president. And hey, it worked because, in 1972, Nixon swept 97% of the vote.

  1. Presidents are rallied through holograms:

These are the cases of Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, Erdogan, president of Turkey, or Jean Luc Mélenchon, candidate of the French left. All three have in common that they launched their messages in the middle of the election campaign by organizing the most futuristic rallies we can imagine. The gift of ubiquity is achieved thanks to technology. Now it sounds like a Martian, but we got used to these things…

  1. Gamified election campaigns:

The matches aim to reach the younger audience, and of course, getting hold of the games is an interesting bet. There are several international cases, although the curious case of Microsoft in the 2012 US elections comes to mind. To each player of the game “Halo 4” who saw at least three of the four presidential debates that aired on the Xbox, he gave them an avatar of a new warrior. For what? We have no idea, and it is also not clear why.

Here in our country, we have some fun examples like the one made by the PP of Guadalajara to present the candidate “Super Antonio Román” turned into the hero of Super Mario Bros.

And you, do you remember any successful political campaigns worth mentioning? Cheer up and share it!