Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid

As you prepare to move, there are a number of mistakes that people often make. For example, many people decide to hire an expensive moving company without checking prices beforehand. Others take on the task of packing and unpacking themselves without thinking about the time commitment or how difficult it will be with all their possessions in tow.

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Don’t move without a plan. Having a plan is crucial to a successful move. From the packing to unpacking, you should have all of your bases covered before moving day. Don’t pack too early or too late, this is important to know what you have and what needs to be done with it.

Don’t leave the packing until last minute, start early so that there is enough time to get everything together for your move. Don’t let children help pack or unpack if they are still young and inexperienced in these types of tasks.

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Pack up all electronics first – not only will this make things easier when it comes time to load them into a box but it also protects against theft.

Remember that some furniture may need different moving equipment than others, which means having an idea of where you want certain pieces before loading them onto the truck can save disaster later on down the line. Don’t forget about cleaning as part of your plan! You don’t want to leave a mess for the new owners of your home.

Don’t forget about pets and plants during your move. Pets should be taken to animal shelters ahead of time while plants need to be cut before being moved or they will die in transit.

Make sure that items with sentimental value are packed first and in their own container if possible. Use furniture pads on any surfaces that need protection from damage during transit. Keep an inventory list of what’s been boxed up so that at the end of the road trip you know exactly where everything is going into storage/moving truck.