• Michael

Statement - June 9, 2020

Black Lives Matter.

I can’t breathe.

Know justice, know peace.

Say their names.

George Floyd.

Justice for Breonna.

Justice for Manny.

Justice for Yvonne.

I am listening. I am learning. I can only speak for me, but most white people have a long way to go when it comes to understanding equality. A heartfelt thank you to all who are speaking out - you have been speaking for a long time, but I have not always fully understood. For that reason I am truly sorry and pledge to be a better ally. To listen, learn, and grow.

Here is what I do know:

  • As a veteran, I know firsthand what the weapons of war can do. They should never be used against our own citizens. Never!

  • Though we as a people have rights protected by the Constitution, we don’t have the right to disrespect, insult, incite or intimidate anyone when exercising those rights. Discretion is often ignored if a cause is felt justified or righteous. It’s unacceptable every time.

  • Discussions of a Human Rights Commission are happening locally. It is far past time for this to be in place, and it ought to be countywide. Inclusion is core to my platform, and any real commitment to diversity and equity is lacking. Olympia is not an island - we are one county, and human rights must be for all. If elected, I will pursue this as a priority until it is in place and effective.

  • This week, I will be changing the name of our campaign committee to People for Michael Steadman. I respect, represent, and support all people everywhere and every time, period.

I’m not proud of events that occurred last week. Not on property my family owns nor in my community. I will start with me and mine first and promise hate will not be tolerated. Not Me, but We, Love not Hate, Google not Evil and Right not Wrong. We all know the difference between them and we can all stand up and demand there’s no tolerance when it comes to hate. It is time we unite instead of divide. If anyone in our community feels marginalized, we are all damaged. I stand with you, and I stand for you.





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