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Local veteran seeks to get Thurston County Moving Again.

Thurston County – Local veteran, Michael Steadman, has announced his bid to move the Thurston County Commission forward into prosperity for the people. Thurston County is an economically diverse, environmentally conscious, and tight-knit community. Michael Steadman seeks to prepare Thurston County for the imminent growth and opportunity that awaits the county in the near future. He will accomplish this through the support of family, community, and business.

Michael Steadman places his trust and support in Family. Not just family in the immediate sense of the word, but in his extended family as well. Thurston County has become this extended family. After Michael left the Marine Corps, he settled in Lacey, WA, started a business, and became involved in many community service organizations. He understands the mechanisms that provided him the opportunity to grow as a part of our Thurston County family, and he wants to ensure that we continue to seek a smart path toward economic growth and opportunity. Michael wants to ensure that the privilege he has been able to have is extended to his Thurston County family.

Michael understands the importance of community and wants to ensure that his neighbors in Thurston County feel safe, welcome, and appreciated. He learned the value of serving others through military service. In the military one depends on his fellow Service Members to support one another to accomplish the mission. Michael wants the people of Thurston County to know that he supports their families, businesses, security and well-being. He will seek to emphasize safe neighborhoods and streets emphasizing a budget that provides the resources needed to keep our neighbors safe. Our courts, law enforcement personnel, and our healthcare facilities should have the means necessary to successfully accomplish their roles for the good of our county.

Michael’s vast experience as a Lacey City Councilman, businessman, Veteran and father has shaped his strong character into a valued community member. As a City Councilman, he understands the challenges of the community. His military service taught him loyalty and honor. His days as a sheet metal worker taught him the importance of respect, working with others and having a strong organized workforce. His hard efforts and growth as a small businessman have given him the understanding and importance of how local business is a driving force to the economic impact of the community. Michael firmly believes that small business creates jobs and opportunity for everyone and are a vital path to the prosperity of the community.

Michael Steadman has the qualities and experience required to serve as the Thurston County Commissioner for District 2. He seeks and is grateful for your vote on November 3, 2020. Together, we will thrive into the future.





LACEY, WA 98516

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