• Urban Density - Our community is growing, and we need to plan for the future as well.  Additional density in urban areas, from ADU’s to duplexes and additional single-family apartments, is essential to our environment and economy.  We have long neglected ensuring enough buildable lands for denser development. We must concentrate growth in our Urban Growth Areas.

  • Keep Rural Rural -  The flipside of supporting urban density is to ensure our rural spaces stay rural.  It will avoid sprawl, encourage transit, and keep urban development more affordable.  It will allow us to preserve farmland, as well as the last of our undeveloped forests and prairies.  It will help us achieve our goals in many areas, and ensure a vibrant community for generations to come.

  • Keep Busses Fare Free - Intercity Transit’s Zero Fare project is a 5 year pilot - I know enough about transportation policy to say I want it to be permanent.  Transit is about freedom and opportunity for many in our community who haven’t had it. This is smart business, and I will support a fare free system as a permanent feature.

  • Parks, Trails & Recreational Opportunities - The Pacific Northwest is a center for outdoor recreation, and a primary reason people move here.  We need to ensure that Thurston County is a statewide center and champion for the recreation economy- trails, parks, habitat preservation, as well as a wayfinding and transportation system that connects it all.  If we build strong and inclusive infrastructure, innovative people will flock to the region, and jobs will follow.

  • Consider Investing in a new, regional County Fairgrounds - People expect the County fair to be rural.  Development patterns have made ours a bit of an anachronism. We need to invest in a new fairgrounds, in South County, as a source of economic development and community building.  This is a project that may take a generation- but that’s the kind of thinking I want to support, how we can support future generations.   

  • Expand alternative criminal justice options - Drug Court, Youth Court, Diversion and ideas we have even thought of yet.  Innovate.  Recidivism is a major drain on the economy, if we can lower these numbers considerably, we aan ease pressure on the courts and spur on growth regionally.

  • Improve Mental Health Services at all levels, both access and level of service- We have failed to meet the needs of our most vulnerable.  Mental health is a major driver of homelessness. We need to out to people much earlier, and help manage problems before they become crises.  Investment in prevention has the best return we can find.




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