• Water Quality - from enough pure drinking water for future generations to healthy streams, lakes, wetlands and our Salish Sea, Water is of vital importance to all of us.  We must repair the mistakes of past generations and not make new ones. We cannot rest until every body of water, from the Skookumchuck River right to the shores of the Salish Sea, is healthy.  Conservation and reclamation are key solutions to future drinking water needs. Collaboration will be key to ensure we leave a strong legacy for our children and grandchildren.

  • Preserve Rocky Prairie - The environmental and community benefits to preserving more of our remaining prairies outweigh the economic benefits of industrializing this site.  We have under-utilized industrial land just to the north, on Port property, already zoned for these impacts.  

  • Zero Waste - It is essential to build a regional partnership to reduce waste, increase diversion and recycling, and move towards a much more sustainable future.  We need to aggressively expand recycling opportunities in organics, construction and demolition and co-mingled recyclables. Work upstream to reduce packaging and eliminate waste before it happens.  We need to commit, county-wide, to a Zero Waste future, and then act to build it. 

  • Conserve unique and precious habitats to ensure threatened species recovery - Pocket gophers are only one of a myriad of species threatened by loss of habitat.  We can preserve unique habitat and encourage focused development. We need to stop using a piecemeal approach, and focus on partnerships to create large habitat preserves.  This supports a healthier environment, AND Ecotourism.

  • Converting Septic to Sewer - In 2020, too many of our neighbors still rely on septic systems, period. We’ll work to convert urban parts of the County to 100% sewer. It’s environmentally smart, and it’s the right thing to do.  More important, we need to ensure septic systems in the county are working, and not failing. Water quality IS economic development.

  • Act to eliminate hazardous waste and contaminated properties - Derelict, abandoned, or unmaintained properties aren’t just unsightly, they also are big source of hazardous waste, spills, and pollution.  We need to aggressively work to avoid environmental contamination, and get sites cleaned up for future use.

  • Action to prevent future algae blooms in our lakes - We seem to forget about this issue until each spring, when it literally blooms in local lakes, and makes us unable to drink the water or use recreational facilities.  It is not an isolated problem- it is endemic and recurring, and only through coordinated planning and actions will we end these blooms forever.




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