Join the Team - Volunteers wanted

Michael Steadman
Are you looking to be part of a great team?  Join the Steadman for Thurston County Commissioner team.  When you volunteer, you can be part of a great campaign to help everyone in Thurston County besides just District 2.  Your actions will result in the entire community benefitting.  
What will you do?  To start, we are just taking names.  As the campaign progresses, we will look to fill positions in a variety of ways that can benefit the campaign and the community.  We will keep you updated with these positions as they become available. 
Initially, we are looking for ten people who are savvy with social media and would like to help us when you have time.  This is purely on your own time as you have available and we will show you how use it effectively.  You can work five minutes a day or 30 minutes per week.  Ultimately your work will have a huge impact on the campaign.  All of this will be taught to you by the leading social media company in the Puget Sound, Maestro Strategic Solutions.  You will gain invaluable and unprecedented social media knowledge.  
To volunteer for any of the positions that will have a positive impact and join the team, click the "volunteer" below.